Founded in 1988, CAT was at the beginning of the home theater revolution. CAT's three levels of home theaters - CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX, all provide substantially better than commercial cinema quality in the most prestigious estates throughout the world. Our three tiered approach to custom home theaters with CAT, CAT ELITE and CAT MBX, allows you to select your desired level of performance, customization, off-site engineering, and on-site engineering/calibration/tuning giving you the greatest flexibility to craft the Home Cinema of your dreams!


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... Top Hollywood actors, actresses, producers, directors and studio heads choose CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX for their distinguished screening rooms because we deliver acoustically accurate sound reproduction that exceeds the quality of top recording/mix/playback studios in a designer and architecturally friendly setting that seamlessly integrates into their homes. CAT's unmatched ability to custom design, engineer, manufacture, and on-site calibrate custom CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX audio systems, allows designers, architects, and discerning home owners to design their home theater as they wish, without compromising aesthetics or acoustic performance. Of course, CAT's engineering acousticians must work closely with the architects to ensure that the home theater's dimensions, wall densities, and all construction details are acoustically correct, and with the designers to choose acoustically friendly wall coverings, screen fabrics, etc. Gone are the days of being forced to choose large columns and panels to hide loudspeakers! CAT's custom loudspeakers always "fit", as they "disappear" into your 2" by 4" walls, 2" by 6" walls, ceilings, floors, hide behind screens, fabrics, other wall coverings, and grilles (fabrics, perforated leathers, exotic hardwoods, and exotic metals). Yes, CAT's superior proprietary drivers - woofers, midranges, tweeters, powered by CAT amplifiers, that are on-site engineered/calibrated/tuned in your home theater using state of the art testing equipment and CAT MBX DSP's - digital signal processors, allows you and your designer to choose fabrics and wall coverings that would otherwise be acoustically unacceptable. CAT avoids the use of cheap industry standard materials altogether. CAT never manufactures cheap paper or cheap plastic speaker drivers, never uses cheap MDF for speaker enclosures, and never uses cheap, low quaity, small gauge copper. In positive contrast, CAT's use of unrivaled superior exotic materials (e.g. HDF, MBX105, exotic hardwoods, concrete, marble, granite, carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and other fine metals), ultra high quality copper (4N OFC pure, 6N OFC pure), silver, fine wrist watch level craftsmanship, and CAT's superior manufacturing and controlling of everything in the audio loop (CAT loudspeaker drivers - woofers, midranges, tweeters, CAT loudspeaker enclosures - both standard and custom, CAT amplifiers, CAT DSP's, and CAT loudspeaker and XLR interconnect cables), ensure that the CAT audio system performs superbly not only today, but for many years down the road. CAT's reliability is truly unequalled! Thus, though rarely necessary, servicing a CAT, CAT ELITE, or a CAT MBX system is very quick, painless and easy (for a trained CAT approved professional A/V integrator, engineer, etc.), as are technology upgrades. As with a fine piano, exotic sports car, and manual wristwatches, CAT recommends yearly or bi-yearly on-site engineering/calibration/tuning for our top CAT MBX home theater systems to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Investing in a CAT, CAT ELITE, or CAT MBX home theater will provide decades of entertainment for you, your family and friends, as you will accurately and precisely "FEEL" the speed and "HEAR" all the audiophile delicacies of your favorite movies, musical concerts, and sporting events! CAT’s proprietary subwoofer balancing systems (acoustically placing numerous subwoofers into the front, side and rear walls and ceiling), ensure that every seat in the room performs spectacularly! CAT's DSP technology can accurately expand 5.1 and 7.1 technology to 21.100 and beyond! Yes, some top CAT MBX clients treat their guests to 21 full range loudspeakers, and 100 acoustically placed subwoofers in their CAT MBX theater to maximize audio performance and the "surround sound experience" at all listening/seating positions!